Resident Evil 4 Mobile 1.1.9 (NEW)(ANDROID)

This a great news for every Resident Evil fans, the famous survival horror game franchise is now available on Android platform.

This news was retrieved from LG’s official statement. Sadly, the game is only available for South Korean citizens. But if you’re happen to live in the company’s country of origin and have access to U+ Market, you’ll be able to grab the Resident Evil 4 immediately for $5 only.

Previously, LG has teamed-up with Capcom to announce Street Fighter IV HD for Android. This fighting game is also available exclusively on LG handset. Capcom also announce that they will conduct a special Street Fighter IV HD Android tournament on the first half of 2012. If you’re happen to own a LG Nitro HD or Optimus LTE, you can navigate to LG Smart World and grab yourself a copy of this game.

Resident Evil 4 for Android Available Exclusively on LG Handsets

It is still unclear when both of those games will be available for non-LG devices. There’s should be lot of android gamers out there who would love to play Street Fighter IV HD and Resident Evil on their handset.

YouTube Video: (HERE)

Requires Android: 2.3 and up


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  1. Henry 28 de febrero de 2012, 17:30
    no funciona la aplicacion se cierra luego de instalar
  2. Anónimo 29 de febrero de 2012, 16:24
    Verifica tu version de Android.
  3. Anónimo 21 de octubre de 2012, 10:26
    Sale info en chino y se sale ayuda matoz

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