SpeedUpMyPC 2011 (NEW)

SpeedUpMyPCSpeedUpMyPC es una herramienta de análisis y optimización de Windows que permite encontrar los elementos a cambiar o eliminar del sistema para que éste mejore su rendimiento.

SpeedUpMyPC tiene en cuenta el uso de CPU, memoria y acceso a la red, la existencia de carpetas y archivos temporales, los procesos del sistema y las opciones activadas de Windows que puedan ralentizarlo sin necesidad.

SpeedUpMyPC incorpora también una lista con los programas que se inician con Windows así como una relación de programas instalados y el tamaño que ocupan en disco.

SpeedUpMyPCSpeedUpMyPC the award winning utility software that ensures your PC is automatically optimized for maximum performance in just a few easy clicks. SpeedUpMyPC is a system utility that helps you get the most out of your computer without being a Windows expert. It can can free up memory (RAM) and other resources, detect and optimize your internet connection, reassign CPU resources to improve performance and prevent crashes. It also includes a startup manager, that enables you to make Windows load faster dy disabling programs that you do not want to start automatically. The built-in bandwidth monitor allows you to keep an eye on your internet connection and can automatically detect your true connection speed. Additional features include browser optimization, automatic RAM cleaning and an interactive tray icon display. SpeedUpMyPC makes it easier than ever before to optimize your settings, free up resources, and remove resource hogs.

With simple explanations and real-time graphs for all vital system resources, SpeedUpMyPC identifies performance bottlenecks in minutes. With a heavy-duty arsenal of optimization tools, such as RAM recovery, CPU optimization, startup management, and automatic crash recovery, SpeedUpMyPC is THE must-have utility for both beginner and power users.

SpeedUpMyPc (5.36)

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