Duncan and Katy 1.05 (NEW)(ANDROID)

The world was a peaceful place until the aliens arrived! In this game we can take the role of one of the two main characters: Duncan or Katy, to save the world from an alien invasion.
We will fight the aliens with the help of the Professor, Katy's father, who throws objects from his plane to support us. He throws many weapons, ranged and melee, such as swords, hammers, crossbow, rocket launcher and so on. Furthermore he provide us with secondary weapons that will help us to defeat the enemy, and items to recover our vital energy, increase our strength, speed or even stop time.
After completing three waves of aliens, we face the boss, and we must beat him to move to the next stage.
Once we finished the first stage of the game, we unlock a new mode, "Survival", in which we must defeat as many enemies as possible to get the highest score. As we play the stages in story mode, these are unlocked in survival mode. This new stages, unlocks harder enemies and better weapons.
In this adventure you will find:
- Two heroes.
- High detailed environments and enemies.
- 15 primary weapons.
- 4 secondary weapons.
- 15 items.
- 19 different enemies.
- Boss fights.
- Several stages and game modes.


Requires Android: 2.2 and up


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