Mozilla Firefox 33.1 [Oficial] [FTP]

El navegador Firefox es pequeño, rápido y muy fácil de usar y te ofrece muchas más ventajas que los otros navegadores web, como la capacidad de bloquear las ventanas emergentes o la navegación por pestañas.

*Algunas Características:
Navegación más facil
Alto rendimiento
Seguridad avanzada
Potente personalización
A la vanguardia
Acceso universal


Sistemas Operativos:
Windows XP SP2
Windows Server 2003 SP1
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8

Hardware recomendado:
Pentium 4 o más reciente procesador compatible con SSE2
512 MB de RAM
200 MB de espacio en disco duro

*¿Qué hay de nuevo?
Echa un vistazo a continuación a “Novedades” y “Problemas conocidos” para esta versión de Firefox.
NEW Windows: OMTC enabled by default
NEW OpenH264 support (sandboxed)
NEW Enhanced Tiles
NEW Continued experimentation with WebRTC-powered communications feature
NEW Improved search experience through the location bar
NEW Slimmer and faster JavaScript strings
NEW Search suggestions on the Firefox Start (about:home) and new tab (about:newtab) pages
NEW New CSP (Content Security Policy) backend
NEW Support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS
NEW Improved reliability of the session restoration
NEW Azerbaijani [az] locale added
CHANGED Proprietary window.crypto properties/functions removed
CHANGED JSD (JavaScript Debugger Service) removed in favor of the Debugger interface
HTML5 DOMMatrix interface implemented
HTML5 @counter-style rule from CSS3 Counter Styles specification implemented
HTML5 WebCrypto: RSA-OAEP, PBKDF2 and AES-KW support
HTML5 WebCrypto: wrapKey and unwrapKey implemented
HTML5 WebCrypto: Import/export of JWK-formatted keys
DEVELOPER Cubic-bezier curves editor
DEVELOPER Display which elements have listeners attached
DEVELOPER New sidebar which displays a list of shortcuts to every @media rule in the current stylesheet
DEVELOPER Paint flashing for browser content repaints
DEVELOPER Editable @keyframes rules in the Rules section of the Inspector
DEVELOPER CSS transform highlighter in the style-inspector
Problemas conocidos
UNRESOLVED PDF.js: With some images, wrong colors could show up. Affects a very small number of PDF
UNRESOLVED Fix incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1.1 transfers (237623)

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